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  • East Meets West ($65 - Private Bath)
    Combines the high bed and trundle bed from Beck's Mill with Japanese decorations that Mrs. Hart received in Japan when she was teaching there. Pre-school children love the trundle bed. A large, private bathroom adjoins this room.
  • The Farm Room & School Teachers Room
    ($50 - Shared Bath)
    This family unit has a double bed and twin bed, and is connected to another small room with a high bed and steps called the School Teachers Room.  Mrs. Harts parents and sister were one-room school teachers and it was the custom for teacher to visit all the families and stay all night.  Teachers learned about the families and knew how to motivate their children to learn, and the parents learned how to work with the teacher.
  • 1920 Annex
    Handicapped accessible, the Annex has a ramp and 2 downstairs bedrooms. The Annex can be rented by the month and guests may prepare their own breakfast or other meals in the Annex kitchen.  The Annex is also a good choice for a wedding party or a large family in town for a funeral.  
    • The Chautauqua Room has 2 twin beds and is nice for an adult with child.  The decorations tell how the New York Chautauqua pushed the extension work, boy scout work and cultural ideas into the Midwest by way of the good train system. ($65 - Private Bath)
    • The Valentino Room has a private bath, a double bed and decorations from the 1920 movie star, Valentino. ($65 - Private Bath)
    • 1930's Room (upstairs, two rooms, one shared bath).  Double bed and decorations from the 30's. ($50 - Shared Bath)
    • 1940's Room  (upstairs, two rooms, one shared bath). Double bed and quilt called the Attic Window.  The room overlooks the Pioneer Village at the museum and contains pictures and stories of World War II. ($50 - Shared Bath)

    Children are welcome in both houses.  A Kid's Corner is in the Lanning House kitchen so Mrs. Hart can interact with the children while she prepares breakfast. 

    Special attention is given to genealogical researchers.  History books of the county, maps, telephone calls to local families, help finding cemeteries and the courthouse are all part of a Lanning House stay.
    Dining Room of the Annex

East Meets West

Farm Room

School Teachers Room

Chautauqua Room

Valentino Room

206 E. Poplar Street
Salem, IN 47167
Phone: 812-883-3484

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